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The Benefits of Cloud Enablement

  • Enterprise Grade Security

    • There are various optional and built-in features that provide a layered approach to security

    • These layers are flexible and can be completely tuned to your infrastructure needs

  • Capital and Operational Expenditure

    • By capitalizing on economies of scale and having data centres in low cost areas, the providers are able to procure and run the infrastructure at a much lower price point

    • Your company’s operational expenditure is improved by this and the other benefits listed here

  • Scalability

    • The cloud makes both expanding or reducing a single server and adding more servers in your infrastructure easy with virtual servers

  • Flexibility

    • Because all the servers are virtual and scalable, your infrastructure and grow and shrink as your needs require it and this can be automated

  • Efficiency

    • Unlike ordering, shipping, installing and setting up whole servers, expansion or replacement parts for servers and the related IT infrastructure, the cloud can add resources to your virtual network in minutes

  • Better performance

    • Using edge regions, you can place your resources near the users consuming them reducing lag time

    • The scalability of the cloud, both horizontally and vertically, means that in peak usage times, your resources can adapt to always stay ahead the demand 

  • Superior “Up-time”

    • Virtual servers resources span various real servers and if one of those were to fail, the work can be shifted automatically to other servers.

    • With real-time synchronization between production and back-up servers, the work can be shifted immediately to the back-up in the disaster recovery scenario

  • Reduced Risk

    • By not owning any equipment coupled with the nature of virtual servers and networks, your company does not get saddled with costs of having an on-site or even using a data centre

    • The instantaneous recovery time and real-time synchronization of data means there are no gaps between the last back-up and the point of failure

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