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Data Management and Reporting


What keeps you up at night?


Capitalize on your company's data to aid future decision making, reduce risk and improve ROI. Take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, data science practices and brilliant data visualization and reporting.

What is Data Management and Reporting

Data Management is the tapping of a company's various data sources to provide raw data. Transforming this raw data while applying data science practices and analytics in order to output meaningful business intelligence presented through a powerful and flexible reporting tool.​

How TMH Solutions can help

  • Take stock of current data sources and correlate those with reporting needs to identify any gaps

  • Create new data sources or adapt existing sources to fill any identified gaps

  • Transform siloed data into a central channel

  • Apply data science practices and analytics providing meaningful business intelligence

  • Use powerful reporting and data visualization tools to provide up-to-date and flexible reporting

What TMH Solutions focus on

Data Science

Transforming raw data into meaningful business intelligence requires analysis. We apply data science practices strategically to ensure  end users get the information that they need.

Cloud Platform Services

Cloud platforms, Azure specifically, provide powerful features to take raw data from a myriad of sources, in various formats from many locations to channel them. Your data will be kept safe and available.

Data Visualization

They say a picture paints a story of one thousand words. With the power visualization tools we bring, your business intelligence will tell a story too.

Powerfull Reporting

Flexibility is key to consuming business intelligence. Flexibility to provide on-demand reports. Flexibility to provide different areas of a business meaningful reports specific to that line of business.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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