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Our Story

In the beginning there were two software developers who had a dream. Their dream was to
build a positive, responsible company forged with their shared values of family, friendship,
integrity, and contributing to the community in which they lived. This company was an online
marketplace to showcase and support local makers of handmade and small batch products in
selling to their customers. But despite their best efforts and great feedback, the founders were
forced to conclude that because of the 2020 pandemic, the marketplace concept was not going to take off as they had hoped and planned.


So with heavy hearts, they closed the business.


It’s said that all things happen for a reason. Henry Ford went broke five times and was advised
to stay away from the automobile industry. Walt Disney was turned down 300 times when
trying to finance Walt Disney World. And so these two founders licked their wounds, evaluated
what had happened, and vowed to apply what they had learned to a future effort.


Fast forward several months. A former colleague of the first two partners approached them
with another idea. One that built directly on their shared software expertise and their shared


After many hours of talking and debating about how they could harness their collective
expertise to the benefit of their communities, an idea took shape. Cloud computing: it’s in
their technical wheelhouse. Lots of big companies are helping other big corporations migrate
to and harness the cloud. But what about small and medium sized businesses? With their current skills and experiences at their fingertips, learnings from their previous venture in mind, and determination in their eyes, these three software developers have banded together to bring affordable cloud computing solutions to the small and medium sized marketplace.


And with this goal in mind, TMH Solutions was born!

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