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Customer Loyalty


The TMH Solutions team have a solid understanding of customer loyalty. We have in depth experience in building and running loyalty platforms. By coupling our solid experience with a cloud based approach, we provide a managed loyalty solution your company can rely on.

What is Customer Loyalty? How has it changed?

There are now over 100 thousand loyalty programs just in North America with an average household in the US enrolled in ~18 programs but only active in ~8 (Colloquy Loyalty Census). Not surprisingly, COVID introduced a number of pivots  as customer experiences shifted to digital as much as 60% for some retailers, but those with immature digital experiences suffered a 30% drop due to poor online and mobile experiences (WisePlum / Wharton U The New Reality July 2020). Yes, Customer Loyalty has the power to drive strong purchase behaviours such as increased purchase frequency, larger basket size, and larger share of wallet. But the HOW has changed dramatically. What customers see of value in the new pandemic world have changed. The programs are heavily reliant on painless digital experiences. Consequently, the loyalty platforms themselves are forced to mature and evolve.


The video below summarizes key shifts customer loyalty is experiencing right now. More importantly it provides clear business and technical advice, especially for mid-size and small-size businesses trying to navigate these shifts. TMH and it's partners can assist you in a number of ways for the post-pandemic world (1) creating a new loyalty strategy, to (2) designing an effective program, to (3) architecting, building, extending, and maintaining a new more capable loyalty platform, and finally (4) integrating your loyalty platform with a large range of POS's, loyalty partners, and third party solutions.

How TMH Solutions can help

Bringing our expertise in cloud technology and customer loyalty experience to bear for your company:

  • Working with you to identify what drives your customers and designing a tailored approach

  • Deliver a cloud based platform to engage your customers

  • Provide ongoing customer targeting using powerful analytics

  • Adapt the solution over time to ensure it stays relevant for your customers

What TMH Solutions focus on

Customer Profile

What aspects of your customers' profile drives their behaviour? With that in mind, create a rewards based system that delivers ROI.

Powerful Analytics

Collect and centralize your customer data by tracking their behaviour and applying data science to identify trends and opportunities.

Adapt to the Data

With up-to-date business intelligence in-hand, fine tune your loyalty program to further drive value and increase customer loyalty.

Target & Re-target your customers

Use targeted rewards, deals and perks to increase sales and customer brand loyalty.

Interested in our Loyalty offering?

Speak with our Loyalty Sales Lead, Adam, for more details!

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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