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Case Study: Angular Application Upgrade

Portable Intelligence provide warehouse management solutions built specifically for manufacturers who want to optimize their warehouse processes without adding more labor or space. Their integrated solutions improve warehouse agility and inventory accuracy.

The Requirements

TMH Solutions was brought in to upgrade a legacy application and set the development team up for success moving forward.

  • Migrate solution from Angular 4 to Angular 11

  • Implement Angular project structure best practices

  • Ensure service framework is compatible with the latest Angular standards

  • Add centralized logging framework

  • Add centralized event framework for component communication

  • Training client development team on best practices

  • Generate a report with recommendations for future development

The Solution

We analyzed their application's codebase and upgraded the version. From there we added the modified the codebase to follow the current standards and added the required frameworks. Lastly, we provided training to their team to ensure that future development would follow the foundation of best practices that we implemented.

The Outcome

The team at Portable Solutions were very happy with the upgrade and the guidance that we provided.

This is just one example of how the experience of the TMH partners can work for you. TMH

Solutions provides cloud migration and software development solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We would love to explore how we can help move your business to the cloud! Contact us to discuss your vision!



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